More laughs from the Sperry Pirate News!
3/26/2011 - A new article pokes fun at the hypocrisy of certain individuals by mimicking an in-depth analysis of the financial situation of one board member while completely ignoring the
bankrupties and foreclosure of another board member.   The fake comments are over-the-top hateful on this article, effectively showcasing the bitterness and desperation of the few who
continue to try to use the school system as their personal battleground.
Reading the made-up conversations that supposedly take place in the comments, I am reminded of the scene in Spaceballs where Dark Helmet is playing with his dolls, vanquishing his
foes and carrying on a made-up dialogue.  I can just see him now...

Jim S., Sperry                        At last I have triumphed over the Three Amigos, and fed Jolie and 612 to the Sarlacc in the Great Pit of Carkoon, to be slowly digested over
                                              a thousand years.  I deeply appreciate all things about you.  Marry me, Stephanie!

Stephanie, Broken Arrow     Oh Jim!!  But what about Cindy?

Jim S., Sperry                         Leave her to me.  Now that I have my contract extension, I will deal with her myself.  She does not know the power of the Dark Side!
School Board President Files Bankrupcty 03/22/2011
Jolie said it best, but of course her comment was not published by the Sperry Pirate News, because it wasn't in the script.

(The real) Jolie, Broken Arrow, Friday March 25, 2011

Why has Sperry Pirate News neglected to report on the financial problems, including bankruptcies and a foreclosure, of past board president and current board member Derrell Morrow but
chose to write a story about Jeff Carter's bankruptcy?

Prior to Sisney coming to Sperry and cozying up with board member Cindy Wilson, he was bosom buddies with longtime BA board member Stephanie Updike while he was superintendent
there.  Updike and her husband filed for a $4 million Chapter 7 bankruptcy in June 2009, owing more money on the rental houses they purchased than the original mortgages when they
started off.  Yet she had the nerve to volunteer for the BA BOE's financial committee in December 2009 AND make snide remarks about her perception/propaganda about wasteful
spending and financial mismanagement in the district while assisting Sisney in his campaign against other board members.

What some people should realize is that you might pull the wool over some people's eyes for a while, but, usually, what goes around, comes around, and if you do something dishonest, it'll
come back to bite you in the butt.
Kudos to the Sperry Pirate News
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Sperry board meeting 3/7/2011 - Item 13 - Diploma signatures
Don't miss the video of the discussion about diploma
signatures, which is the subject of one of the articles.