BA Ledger, "District files for summary
judgment", 1/20/2010
Interested Citizen wrote on Jan 20, 2010 12:12 PM:
" Here we go again 612. It isn't over until it's over.

I believe that there will be additional court filings after the OSBI presents their determinations. Sisney's cases will be easier to adjudicate after that. I'd rather file a wrongful termination suit after certain
district officials are hauled off in handcuffs than before. "

Interested Citizen wrote on Jan 21, 2010 4:44 PM:

To 612:

I repeat "It isn't over until it's over". No amount of hyping the incomplete process is adequate for drawing conclusions. My firm assertion is that as the end gets near, a certain part of a few individuals'
anatomy is puckering up very tightly. Does that include you? Your defense is so prolific that I wonder. "

[612's note:  

It's way over for this wrongful termination case.  In fact, it was over before it was even filed.  He waived the hearing.  That closed the door on any claims of bias or denial of due process.

And now the defendant has filed a motion for summary judgment – after having to force the plaintiff to participate in his own case!

Keep clinging to your hope in the OSBI investigation (though why anyone would hope for corruption in their school district brings up questions in itself).  It's all you've got left.

Seriously, you're so predictable I've already written my next 4 posts.

Are you the same Interested Citizen who insisted there was a conspiracy between posters and the Broken Arrow Ledger when timestamps of comments showed an earlier time than the last-updated
time of the article?  Still working on that angle?]
BA Ledger, "Filing for School Board
Post in December; zone 5 position held
by Stephanie Updike" 10/27/2009
Interested Citizen wrote on Oct 27, 2009 9:25 AM:
" Hey Jolie and Giggles:

Your posts were at 6:44pm and 9:13pm respectively on Monday. This article's by line shows it to be published at 8:50am on Tuesday. What kind of insider, corrupt game is being played here between
you two frequent bloggers and the Ledger? (Editor's Note: No game. Blogs are processed as time and personnel are available. Night time or weekend blogs may see some delay in posting.) "

Interested Citizen wrote on Oct 27, 2009 9:50 AM:
" To the editor:

You miss the point. Both Jolie and Giggles posted their blogs BEFORE this article was published. How were they able to comment on an article prior to its being published? "
Tulsa World, "Finalist for BA
superintendent tours district, meets the
public", 01/15/2010

Sue Doe Nymm wrote on 1/16/2010 8:43:12 PM
Dearest 612 and Jolie,

Please go away. Those who agree with you don't need to be convinced. Those who don't just continue to laugh at your innumerable foolish and desperate posts. You have successfully hijacked nearly
every story dealing with Broken Arrow or Sperry Public Schools over the last several months, so congratulations. However, there are readers of the Tulsa World who would be thrilled if others didn't
have to scroll through page upon page of your tired, old story to see their comments. Do something positive and constructive for your community. Donate to the poor Haitians. Go fishing. Drink a
beer. Just do something for a change besides polluting these forums with your bilge. That is all.

[612's note:  oh good, instructions.  Since Sue has been plagued by our posts for so long, she is undoubtedly aware of how obediently Jolie and I follow instructions from other posters.]
BA Ledger, "Meet the Finalists",
He Who wrote on Dec 28, 2009 8:27 AM:
" Jolie, it will also help when people like you and 612 quit ignoring the obvious and trying do defend the indefensible on these blogs. No one should ever be tolerable of corruption. "

[612's note:
That’s right, Jolie, like He Who says, we should stop ignoring obvious things,. Like:
-  Board business manipulated and meetings hijacked by the superintendent
-  Recovered deleted emails showing a conspiracy to smear board members, with the cooperation of other board members
-  Attempts to get bad behavior ignored on evaluations
-  Blackmailing a board member in order to get a contract extension
-  Libel and slander against an HVAC vendor, eye doctor, and law firm
-  Using the press and politicians to spread rumors
-  Providing confidential information to politicians to attempt to show wrongdoing where there was none
-  Setting up situations only to point to them later as evidence of persecution (suggesting the apology to the HVAC vendor only to claim “harrassment” later; suggesting meeting with the HVAC
vendor 2 at a time only to claim “conspiracy” later)
-  Using school resources and work time being paid by the District to wage a personal war against board members
-  Bringing meritless lawsuits based on lies and rumors against board volunteers and the District
-  Conspiring with citizens to bring meritless legal actions against the District and board members for the purposes of intimidation and influencing public opinion
-  Continuing to direct board members to steer public opinion and generate distrust by misrepresenting the facts]
BA Ledger, "Lare Suspended",
Flabbergasted wrote on Nov 12, 2008 3:37 PM:
"Good grief! Could these buffoons on the school board and in the adminstration make this whole thing into more of a hillbilly circus than they already have?

Once you make a mailing list public, you cannot control how it is used.

But this undeniably political retribution against a concerned citizen and a contributor to the schools is just heinous.

Could these idiots PLEASE just let things take thier course without making BA look any worse than they have already made it look. "
BA Ledger, "Gerber Getting New
Pact", 11/18/2008
parting of the sea wrote on Nov 18, 2008 12:37 PM:
" main thing is spend as much as you can and wait as long as you can. Dr Gerber will lead us out of bondage. Who will be the fall guy in the new regime? Gerber was already exposed for neglect and
failure to follow open bidding policies then placed in charge, Since the board since is untimately in charge of everyone according to Dr Gerber they too are culpable. Now we are hearing they will be out
of money by the end of the year. They can't afford to pay promised raises to 25 year veterans. That'll keep them in the system. TAX and SPEND. "
BA Ledger, "Gerber Getting New
Pact", 11/18/2008
Sick of the 3 Amigos and their man wrote on Nov 18, 2008 2:45 PM:

" This is ALL part of their big plan!! And it's working. PLEASE your eyes, smell the roses. Let's get this domination out of here!! We need to take our school system back! "

[612's note:  Coffee.]
BA Ledger, "Gerber Getting New
Pact", 11/18/2008
Rick Newell wrote on Nov 22, 2008 9:59 PM:
" I don't know who keeps writing my name in but I can't blame you for wanting to be me K**** cause I sure wouldn't want to be you. Whatever you do please join the other ill informed commentators
attacking me because it just proves the facts I have presented are not something you can defend so all you can do is attack me and act like you know something I don't. If you don't have enough spine to
identify youself are truly pathetic but that is what they love at the School Bored and City Hull. I do not present my side without realiable sources, personal experience or other proof. I do
not make allegations just uninformed sources to consider.
BA Ledger, "Lare Calls for Signed
Petitions", 11/21/2008
dear pieces wrote on Nov 24, 2008 3:57 PM:
" Be careful or the boogie man Sisney is going to get you. Sounds like you are paranoid of everything but.......Considering where your head is I don't see how you culd smell anything resembling roses.
Richardson represented plaintiffs in the ORU case too so does that mean they are all part of a grand scheme?Somehow plotting ? Maybe Heaven is involved? Seems logical with your logic. Multiple
suits usually indicate multiple litigants feel there are multiple problems. Go figure. I am thinking about that! Dear Illogical -The spelling on the signs just proves people don't have to be a good speller to
know who you want supervising the teaching of their kids to spell. "
BA Ledger, "BAPS Receives Positive
Annual Audit", 5/12/2009
waaaah wrote on May 13, 2009 10:06 PM:
" did someone step on the poor people's toes? I'm going back to my own sandbox, yours has too much poop in it. "
BA Ledger, "BAPS Receives Positive
Annual Audit", 5/12/2009
Oh Please wrote on May 14, 2009 4:50 AM:
" I suspect that even after the OSBI hauls someone off in handcuffs, you people will still not believe that there was wrongdoing at the ESC. Incredible nivete. "

[612's note:  Apparently there was plenty of wrongdoing at the ESC.  I don't know about handcuffs, but the ex-superintendent certainly has plenty to answer for.]
BA Ledger, "BAPS Receives Positive
Annual Audit", 5/12/2009
just because pieces wrote on Nov 27, 2008 9:44 AM:
" just because he didn't rip off a bunch of confidential files which could have been used to support his case like the I saw the board memebers doing (boxes) it became difficult to extract those files leater
after all the cover up (like Dr Goober and his monkeys that want to run things their way even they though they are not trained or certified to do so)
oops did I give you too much of a dose of reality? "

[612's note:  Sisney didn't rip off a bunch of confidential files?  Where did the documents filed with the police report come from?  Where did Rep. Reynolds get the confidential sick pay information and
the confidential memo from Doug Mann?]
BA Ledger, "BAPS Receives Positive
Annual Audit", 5/12/2009
assumptions wrote on Dec 5, 2008 10:39 AM:
" you assume I feel Sysney was qualified, I don't. Proof - he trusted Dr Goober to supervise things neither was qualified to supervise. School board was not qualified to know the difference so when the
S questioned the G then the B sent the S packin to cover the whole mess. In itself that was bad enough but then the B had to botch the firing of the S thus creating untold loss of revenue for the blood
sucking A's. Having the Certification to do the job does not make them capable. They have to use wisdom to solicit assistance in areas they do not have expertise in but have to supervise. Testosterone
(and estrogen) were the only ingredients working this situation. "
BA Ledger, "Lare's grand jury call takes
new form", 12/10/2008
Sara wrote on Dec 10, 2008 12:51 AM:
" It should be pursued because the taxpayers are very likely being ripped off by under the table games. And why the hell wouldn't YOU want the truth to be investigated, Jolie?? You're always here
reversing the guilt. Just exactly what is your real interest. "
BA Ledger, "Lare's grand jury call takes
new form", 12/10/2008
2-612 wrote on Dec 11, 2008 11:57 AM:
" there is a multitude of documentation that is not available because it is the basis for the case. Surely you are familiar with the fact that attorneys do not play thier cards on the public. They present
them to the court that is going to make the decision. The Goober and the stooges have their boxes of denial documents too. Its normal status quo. "

[612's note:  At what  point is it "normal status quo" for the plaintiff to provide his "multitude of documentation" "to the court that is going to make the decision"?  Do they usually wait until after the
discovery deadline, and after they have cleverly thrown the judge off track by filing a document saying they have nothing further to provide?  Or is 18 pages of employment contracts and medical
reports considered "a multitude"?  Is it normal for a plaintiff to have to be forced - by 3 Motions to Compel - to participate in his own case?  Or is this just all part of the game?  I doubt the judge is
BA Ledger, "Lare's grand jury call takes
new form", 12/10/2008
cant believe wrote on Dec 11, 2008 12:05 PM:
" some will never get it, I realize that, but after what has been revealed about the three stooges paying unauthorized funds to a conflict of interest contractor how can you complain about how these
idiots have been treated. Sisney is the one that found it out and reported it but it is Ok how he got treated? I am shaking my head in case you can't hear the rocks knocking together. I am speechless. I
imagine the suit was dropped because there were not enough people with a spine to meet the criteria for signatures. Just look at the voter apathy and you can see how many residents don't give an
excrement about anything. The fact that law enforcement is now taking the case means the situation is being addressed so there is no need for Mr Lare to waste his personal funds to try and stop the
incompetent operation of the school system. The evidence is overwhelming and well documented so it is just a matter of time and willingness to prosecute. "
BA Ledger, "Lare withdraws lawsuit
against 3 BOE members", 12/12/2008
freight train wrote on Dec 12, 2008 11:01 AM:
" whooouuuuooooo chugga chugga chugga bright light ding ding ding ding, get out of the way or its going to run over you. The gates of information are opening up. The seed you have planted is coming
to harvest four musketeers. No good deed goes unpunished. It has taken time to build your castles and they will take time to tear down. $77000 in misspent funding and placing yourselves above
regulation is not frivilous. Your other actions are about to find you out also. The only one with some sense is the one that is leaving to crawl into a hole. Wait until they find out about moving bond
money from issue to issue and conflicts of interest. Illinois probably tolerates it better than we do. "
BA Ledger, "Lare withdraws lawsuit
against 3 BOE members", 12/12/2008
oh yea wrote on Dec 12, 2008 9:37 PM:
" I'm no Sizzle lover or Goober or Board - they are all culpable for passing paper illegally. It flows upstream for sure. The work orders were posted. If you can't read, I don't know what to tell you. You
sound so frustrated. Have you tried valium? or maybe some valerian root in the health food isle. You just sound like you are near cardiac arrest. You definitely are granted a break. OK? It was
incompetent to be using a vendor in the first place condisering their size. They should have a crew on staff to do that type of work. Secondly they didn't know their posterior from a mole hole about the
subject so they couldn't supervise something they know nothing about. That is why competent people hire competent people. Take your pill and stick you head back in the sand. It will all be over
some day and you still won' understand so save yourself the grief. There is a line of custody and the case had to follow certain steps to get to the right authority to do something about. Tim Harris frees
murderers. He wasn't about to do anything with something like this. The local Barneys are too busy writing speeding tickets. Maybe a hot bath, candles, soft music. "
BA Ledger, "Lare withdraws lawsuit
against 3 BOE members", 12/12/2008
What (The Award-Winning Chris Tharp) wrote on Dec 17, 2008 12:38 PM:
" DAC, heimlich manuever, June and Samantha:

So you think there is nothing wrong that needs exposing to the light of day? If so, why would the three musketeers supress public comment and discuss school board issues privately in violation of the
open meetings act? How else are we going to really know what is going on? Do you expect the three musketeers are going to willingly fess up? If so, I've got some good swamp land to sell you. "

[612's note to Chris and anyone else who still doesn't understand why public comment could not be allowed:  
-    if comments supporting Sisney had been allowed, comments against him would have to be allowed too.
-    any negative comments would not only be unfair to Sisney, but would also be a strong argument in a wrongful termination lawsuit that the board’s decision was influenced by the comments
-    it is common practice among school boards across the country not to allow comments in any special board meetings, or in meetings in which personnel decisions will be voted on, for the reasons of
fairness to the employee and protecting the District against lawsuits]
BA Ledger, "Logical question, wrong
answer", 12/16/2008
finally thank God wrote on Dec 16, 2008 9:19 PM:
" finally someone who can see through the smoke and mirrors of the tree Stooges and Dr Goober! "
BA Ledger, "BOE members receive
‘demand’ for return of spent money",
Sue wrote on Jan 12, 2009 10:24 PM:
" You people need to wake up and smell the coffee. You want proof, facts? John Lare and others are trying to get the proof and facts. When the BOE won't answer questions, provide FOI items, what
else is left but lawsuits? You need to get off his back and demand full disclosure from the BOE. "
BA Ledger, "BOE members receive
‘demand’ for return of spent money",
John Q wrote on Jan 13, 2009 1:00 AM:
" Would any of you folks explain why it is not right for the school district to seek refund of amounts paid to vendors under schemes that illegally circumvented state law? Please further explain why
private citizens as taxpayers should not take action to force the Board of Education to act to recover money illegally spent if the Board won't voluntarily do so? Don't any of you bloggers believe in
following the law? Do you realize that corruption in the school system costs the taxpayers REAL DOLLARS that could otherwise be spent on teacher salaries, facilities and educational materials? If
this improper stuff doesn't get fixed from the inside, then why shouldn't taxpayers force it to be fixed from the outside? "

[612's note:  Way to follow the script, John Q.  Here's your Scooby Snack.]
BA Ledger, "BOE members receive
‘demand’ for return of spent money",
Sue wrote on Jan 13, 2009 10:10 AM:
" Sorry Casey, but I do need to know. I need to know why the district paid for work at a doctor's office. I need to know why the district has spent $100,000 on legal bills. This is money they are taking
away from my children's education. "
BA Ledger, "BOE members receive
‘demand’ for return of spent money",
John Q wrote on Jan 13, 2009 10:31 PM:
" It speaks wonders of all of you who did not answer my simple question?. Someone within the school system, either through laziness, corruption or both, circumvented the law by paying Air
Assurance (and perhaps others) without bidding and without properly encumbering the money prior to it's expenditure. So WHY IS IT NOT RIGHT FOR THE SCHOOL TO PURSUE REFUND OF

We owe John Lare a debt of gratitude for trying to force the truth out of this closed system. To express our gratitude for Mr. Lare's attempt to force honesty and forthrightness, I think everyone should
go buy a taco or dos tacos at Taco Mayo...right now. "

[612's note:  speaks volumes, not wonders.]
BA Ledger, "BOE members receive
‘demand’ for return of spent money",
John Q wrote on Jan 14, 2009 4:48 PM:
" The questions still stand uanswered. We already know that there were some payments that were made or attempted to be made prior to their legal encumbrance. That's what brought up this whole
thing to start with with Sisney's interna investigation. It was enough to request Gerber's and Miller's resignation which they tendered. If there was no truth to the allegations, why would they resign
without a fight? I am not Lare or any of the supporters. I just know what the procedure for purchases in the school system is and that it wasn't followed properly. Like Lare, though, I smell a rat which
means there is probably a rat's nest AND I WANT IT OUT OF OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM NOW. I'm for honest dealings in the school system and with its vendors. Is that too much to ask? "
BA Ledger, "Sisney drops legal action
against attorney Doug Mann",
Sooner wrote on Jan 13, 2009 9:40 AM:
" Obviously JOLIE does not realize how the system works. Hold your breath on those hopes......"the balance" of the lawsuit? Sorry to inform you that the "balance" hearing took place at that same
time. These are preliminary matters where strategic decisions are made so the case can move forward with discovery on the pertinent issues....when all those fabulous documents supporting everything
Dr. Sisney has said can be brought to light. From your post, I can tell it will be a painful time for you. Good luck with that. "

[612's note:  Holding your breath, Jolie?  'Cause I am, waiting on those fabulous documents that support everything Dr. Sisney has said.  Think he's got more than 18 pages?]
BA Ledger, "Sisney drops legal action
against attorney Doug Mann",
He Who wrote on Jan 13, 2009 10:12 PM:
" Fat chance of the three board members being dropped from Sisney's lawsuit. They have blood all over their hands.

If the public doesn't want the school district to pay for the legal fees defending the three for their ill advised actions, then maybe the public should have elected more qualified, intellegent board members

My thought is that the three board members should stew in what they concocted. It's too bad they don't have to pay for their own legal defense. They caused it, now they should pay to get themselves
out of it.

It's time for everyone involved in the recent issues to come clean and start working together, for our childrens' education. "
BA Ledger, "Sisney drops legal action
against attorney Doug Mann",
He Who wrote on Jan 14, 2009 5:12 PM:
" No, I don't believe that school board members or any other volunteer board members should pay their own legal expenses in normal circumstances. But in this instance, the three amigos so badly
mishandled the issues that I think they should pay for their own ineptness. "
BA Ledger, "Sisney drops legal action
against attorney Doug Mann",
He Who wrote on Jan 15, 2009 9:44 PM:
" The reason I say that the three amigos mishandled the issues is that if they had taken care of business properly, the board vote to terminate Sisney would have been five to zero, not three to two, and
all of this stuff would have not gotten so far out of hand that it was reported in the newspaper. All of these issues have been handled most unprofessionally, like rank amateurs. But then all of the
bloggers wouldn't have anything to do would they? "

[612's note:  One of my favorite arguments.  That a person who doesn't know what the board was voting on can conclude based solely on the fact that the vote was split that - the majority must be in
the wrong.]
BA Ledger, "School board responds to
taxpayer demand", 1/14/2009
step in it wrote on Jan 21, 2009 3:19 PM:
" maybe the smell isn't enough so once you step in it then you will agree what this is all about. All hail the chief "Goober" and his conspirators. You can deny it, you can listen to Jolie make light of it
until they find out she has escaped, and you can ignore it. The smell comes from a source. Anyone who has been involved in it knows the source and remembers the smell. They will do anything they
can to avoid admitting what they have done even after it is proven. "
BA Ledger, "Sisney believes cover-up
of criminal acts taking place", 1/16/2009
BlindinBA wrote on Jan 19, 2009 9:03 AM:
" It amazes me how much you uniformed, self-righteous, unethical, good-ole BA citizens pass judgment on Sisney without having the facts, yet still reap the benefits of his tenure in BA. For instance,
when Mrs. Flippo was financially strapped and unable to afford a car, Sisney gave his personal vehicle to her. Signed the title over to her for free! In fact, she drove the very vehicle Sisney gave her to
his termination hearing.
BA Ledger, "Sisney believes cover-up
of criminal acts taking place", 1/16/2009
questions wrote on Jan 19, 2009 10:12 AM:

" Just a couple of questions for those who hide behind the "personnel issue".

Why don't you ask some of the people that Doug Mann interviewed to help terminate Dr. Sisney and see what they tell you.

-One of them is an interim superintendent for a large school system in suburban Tulsa
-One is currently running for school board in this same school district
-another used to be on this same school board, then went to work for the school district and is now involved with the city.

Wow, sure am glad Mann picked some people that were unbiased on their opinions about Dr. Sisney. Couldn't set up a kangaroo court any better.

As for those claiming all was fine, then why did the City of Broken Arrow recently(last month) competitively bid out their HVAC maintenance work? They used to do it the same way the district did.
Did they recently see an issue there also? "
BA Ledger, "Sisney believes cover-up
of criminal acts taking place", 1/16/2009
point missed wrote on Jan 26, 2009 11:29 PM:
" again Jolie the point is you represent nothing and express no view on the subject. You only criticize bloggers not the issues. you never have an opinion on the issues> You seem to feel the need to feel
somen latent desire to mother and referee others. There is no need. Say your opinion about the subject like others or can it. quit whining about poeple being sick of your blah. Stop the blah. "

[612's note:  Jolie has no opinion?]
BA Ledger, "Former superintendent's
federal suit to be dropped", 10/13/2009
acutally wrote on Oct 25, 2009 4:48 PM:
" Fortunately we all know who Flippant 612 is and anone know Jolie is an idiot with nothing better to do than whine about subjects she know nothing about so just let them vent their steam on each
other. "

[612's note:
Ok, y’all caught me. I’m a former board member who engaged in criminal activities going back to at least the 1990’s. For all these years (including years before I was even on the board), I was clever
enough to able to sneak these schemes past superintendents, CFOs, and multiple board members, including Sylvia Belitz, Michael Barron, Dee Master, Ed Koepsel, Carl White, Max Smith, and Greg
Green; assisted of course in my nefarious scheme by Sharon Whelpley, with whom I had been plotting for years (long before I met her) waiting for our opportunity to give Air Assurance preferential
treatment for no particular reason.

And it would have worked too, if it weren’t for that meddling Dr. Sisney! Nobody knew anything was wrong until April 2008, when Dr. Sisney stumbled across an invoice that I had failed to cover up
the illegal payment of (illegal payment that benefited me in no way whatsoever – I just like ripping off school districts). It was then that I started working feverishly and against all reason to keep the
matter from seeing the light of day. Really, I did.

Since Dr. Sisney had found me out, announced it to the press, and filed a lawsuit, I decided the best way to keep it quiet would be to fire him and really piss off the public. Drawing attention to the
corruption he exposed would definitely be the best way to keep anyone from finding out about it! See, after all those years of being a mastermind criminal, I suddenly got real stupid. Then I started
posting comments online, coyly pretending not to know anything about how a school district is run. Of course, that was easy for me, since after ten years I suddenly turned incompetent! I know I’m
breaking confidentiality laws by speaking about the lawsuits and personnel issues, but I’m willing to take the risk for the reward of being called names by the elite and enlightened Broken Arrow
citizens I used to pretend to represent.

I only have one regret – that I never had any sort of purpose in committing any of my crimes. I realize now that the REALLY smart corrupt school board members actually have personal gain from their
crookedness. Sharon kept telling me we were forgetting something, but did I listen? No - I was having too much fun changing dates on invoices and not attaching work orders – oh the depravity! Here I
thought I was having a real caper – I thought I was a real racketeer, and come to find out I forgot to collect the cash!]
BA Ledger, "Grand jury petition
campaign gets judge’s OK", 10/22/2008
??? wrote on Oct 23, 2008 02:29 PM:
Back atcha!! You have no clue to what you are talking about. You are just following what someone that has told you.....I HAVE investigated...and it gets WORSE as I investigate. As far as Sisney being
vocal.. He actually tried to keep this out of reach, but they forced his hand. He tired for months to have the bidding process investigated.

[Sisney waited 8 months before he made any report to a law enforcement or investigation agency, and never notified any state education authority. He had the opportunity at any time to notify
authorities; he had legal counsel who specialized in school districts to advise him. If he had really believed there was wrongdoing, he was wrong to keep it from the proper state education authorities.  
Sisney and Stover controlled the board agenda, and could have put the issue on the agenda any time they thought the board should discuss it.  They never did.  Far from trying to have it investigated, it  
is Sisney's fault that the board did not address this issue.]

If they had nothing to hide...why did the fight it?

[Fight it by doing what? Wilkins’ email shows her support for Sisney’s investigation, and is corroborated by Updike’s email response. Sisney has never stated what the board did to block his
investigation, and in fact the emails among board members show the exact opposite. He evidently had access to invoices and work orders, as he provided many examples of what he claimed to be illegal
invoice payments in his police report.  In his deposition, Sisney admitted that he had no evidence of the board members' bias.  If they had somehow prevented him from investigating and reporting
corruption, there would be evidence and witnesses.]

Why was Wilkins paid to do work for Air Assurance before she was elected???

[Even Sisney did not claim that Wilkins did work for Air Assurance.  His lawsuit says only that Sisney “was informed” that Wilkins had worked on a benefits package; he stops short of claiming that
she actually did.  Rampey stated in his Answer to Sisney’s defamation petition that Wilkins did not do any work for Air Assurance.  Wilkins stated in the board members' counterclaim that she had
never met Rampey before the May meeting with Rampey, Sisney, and Updike.  The purpose of this allegation was to introduce the possibility of bias.  Sisney admitted in his deposition that he has no
proof of bias; therefore he has no proof that Wilkins did work for Air Assurance.]

Why was she promised to be backed in the election if she promised "to get rid of Sisney"?

[This is a dead rumor.  Sisney did not claim this in either of his lawsuits.  There is no proof and no reason to believe it is true.]

Why was the bidding process not used for the schools heating/air cond?

[This is probably true; however, there is no way the blame can be placed on the three board members and not on the other two, the superintendent, and the CFO. They were all present when the
blanket PO’s were approved, and all invoice payment is approved by the CFO. All share the blame if bidding procedures were not followed.  In addition, the counterclaim states that Gerber emailed
Sisney in 2006 specifically asking for instructions on how to handle HVAC bidding and maintenance work.  Sisney never answered.  It is likely that the recovered emails show proof of this.]

Why haven't we seen invoices for Big Doug?

[Which Doug is “Big Doug”?
There are no invoices for Dr. Douglas Hudkins because no work was done at his office. Air Assurance proved before Sisney filed his lawsuit that the work was done at Sequoyah Middle School. Sisney
knew this and even included the proof in his filing; yet continued to hold this lie up as evidence of corruption.  

The invoices for Doug Mann’s law firm were not released at this time because most of the work his firm had done related to Sisney’s lawsuit and personnel issue. The board members did not want to
risk releasing the information since it could be claimed by Sisney that they had breached confidentiality. Even if this claim was without merit, this could still be expensive, because as we have seen,
Sisney does not require actual grounds in order to file lawsuits.  See his request to dismiss the federal lawsuit where his attorney admits that the case should not have been filed in federal court.]

Why did Gerber all of a sudden move Jill Poole off the Director's job back to nutrition???

[Gerber moved Jill Poole back to nutrition, which is her area of expertise, after Sisney moved her from nutrition into a different department. This is one of many personnel moves Sisney made. There
are many reports that he did this regularly in an attempt to get rid of people he couldn’t outright fire, by making them struggle so much they would either quit or make enough mistakes to be fired.]

Why does Flippo keep changing the minutes of the meetings?

[Flippo removed from the meeting minutes statements that were inflammatory and showed people and events in an unfair or biased way. She then moved to have meetings recorded instead; her intent
was to remove any personal bias, intentional or unintentional, by having the board meetings recorded, instead of having a person relate the proceedings in their own words. Since the meetings would be
played back unedited, this is the opposite of the censorship she was accused of.]

ANSWER these questions if you know what is going on.


The 3 amigos have brainwashed their followers...THAT is ludacris!!!!

[The 3 amigos could not have brainwashed anyone, because they have not been able to say a word about Sisney’s dismissal or his accusations against them.]

Why is a judge letting this go to court if their is nothing suspicious??

[This is referring to John Lare’s petition, which did not go to court. At this point, the judge had authorized Lare to collect signatures. No judgment on the evidence was required to make this decision;
only that Lare had followed the correct procedures to collect signatures.]

John is not doing this for money....he is doing it to get the scum off the school board so we can clean it up!

[Whether there is “scum” on the school board has yet to be shown.]

You are a fool Jen baby..., So is exbateacher

[If “Jen baby” and exbateacher are fools, 612 is in good company.]