Court documents
Documents filed in Dr. Sisney's federal lawsuit
Selected Documents filed in Dr. Sisney's district lawsuit
Miscellaneous Documents pertaining to the B.A. School Board controversy
Stephanie Updike Bankrupcties
Combs leaked audit (unsigned and unreleased)
Below are some of board meeting minutes and news articles mentioned in the Exhibit List.  I have included
copies of the Ledger articles rather than links because the articles from the timeframe when Sisney was fired are
MISSING from their archives.  I suspect this has something to do with their obvious assistance in Sisney's PR
campaign to smear board members, school employees, Air Assurance, and innocent bystanders.  Embarrassing
journalism to say the least, and possibly illegal breaches of confidentiality
"The only proper measure of a superintendent of schools is bottom-line performance."  Really, Mr. Lewis?  That's all that matters?
Real Audit released 6/7/2011
Air Assurance Press Conference 09/01/2010
Documents filed in Dr. Sisney's felony lawsuit for bribery and conspiracy