The Award-Winning Chris Tharp Campaign Against Truth continues!
Trashing flyers wasn’t enough for the Award-Winning Chris Tharp.  The
Tulsa World deleted our comments from articles, saying that we couldn’t
refer people to this website in the format “BrokenArrowForum dot net”.   
This is not something the Tulsa World would have sought out on their
own; someone reported our comments on this and two other articles,
one of which had comments with this style website references going
back to February.

Minutes after the comments were deleted, The Award-Winning Chris sent
me this email:
Tue 12/15/2009

Don't say its so????

Are your blogs disappearing from the Tulsaworld now???
Tulsa World "BA School Board Rejects Probe"
Ongoing discussion on BA School Board controversy
Who is The Award-Winning Chris protecting with his crusade against
freedom of speech?  What is the FOI King so afraid of?  And, significantly,
do you want someone who is against the free exchange of information,
and is actively working to suppress the truth about a disgraced
superintendent to be overseeing the bond issue?

[This space reserved for the emails The Award-Winning Chris has sent me
over the course of this controversy, in case anyone is interested in his
communication skills, vocabulary, and ability to play well with others]
New Ongoing Discussion on BA School Board Controversy:
The comments may be lost, but their memory lives on in our hearts - no, wait,
they're not lost.  Here they are.

P.S.  2112 is The Award-Winning Chris Tharp.  Yes, it is, Chris, you might as well
own up to it.  Otherwise you'd be just like us anonymous cowards, who you said
nobody takes seriously.  Are you taking us seriously now?
12/3  8:45 AM
What in the world are you doing with the flyers?  Are you off medication or need a life?  Those advertisers that use those racks pay retailers thousands of dollars to
put stuff there, it's not a "community service" section or free at any bit.

someone called me last night about them, never heard of it till then.  

LOL, and you expect people to take that serious while being anonymous????  Crazy

Oh, don't think the reason they are disappearing from the rack is cause folks are taking them home, I hear that most are being discovered and trashed by the

thanks for the laugh today and you win the "way over the top" award for the week
12/3  9:27 AM
update:  Reasors on Elm is now empty of your flyers.   about 150 to 200 flyers now in trash.

will keep you advised.
12/3  10:06 AM
Reasors at 71st and Lynn needs to be restocked with flyers

12/3  10:24 AM
I don't think the flyers are helping the bond issue one bit,  if you have an issue just wish you would do it after the bond.  All i have heard is that the flyer is making
some folks vote no.  So if the vote no campaign is what u want to help it is working.
12/3  12:24 PM
Newsflash:  Flyers starting to disappear at Subways across Broken Arrow.

Must restock!  
12/3  12:30 PM
Need to reload the quicktrips.  All gone.
12/6  8:13 PM

You guys just love Reasors,  and so do we.  

Go reload.
12/6  8:47 PM
don't worry,

they will all be gone by tomorrow.
Follow The Award-Winning Chris around Broken Arrow to search out flyers and throw them away, LOL all the way!
12/17 update - can't find a technicality to report?  No problem - LIE!

Somebody reported my comment to the Tulsa World as a violation,
claiming it was copied from the Broken Arrow Ledger.  When I
questioned the deletion, asking the Tulsa World what the violation was,
they responded that they had verified that it was not copied, and
authorized me to re-post it.
Click to open the flyer.  
Email to anyone who needs
to know the truth!
*** Deleted from article 12/28/2009 ***
*** Deleted from article 1/29/2010 ***

    8/20/2010 - See if you can guess who "ba watchman" is in these comments.  Chris' major points are:

  • Since the superintendent and board members wouldn't comment on the audit, it proves they are in big trouble
  • They got bad news today (the day of the audit meetings)
  • The former superintendent got the better of Doug Mann (Sorry, ba watchman had this comment removed.  Usually he just reports mine and Jolie's)
  • 612 is Mary Anne Flippo (he had this one removed too, but he repeats it later).  He is dead sure of this.
  • The board members' counsel is going to drop them in 2 1/2 weeks because she is in over her head
  • Mendenhall may try to hide the cost of the board members' legal defense in the District budget
  • The audit will cancel coverage of legal costs for some board members
  • Mendenhall can get away with anything he wants because the board won't be up to another firing for 5 years
  • He doesn't like someone's hat
  • 612 does not look like her avatar (hey!  I resent that remark!)
  • A poster having the screen name "Gadfly" is proof that RFR hired a PR firm to "handle the blogs"

                                                                     (initial version of the article was published Wednesday 8/18/2010; that's the evening the comments were made)

    After reading these comments, consider whether you think this Award Winning person is a good fit for the Bond Oversight Committee (he was appointed by Stephanie Updike), and
    whether it's appropriate for a member of that Committee to post false and derogatory comments regarding the District's administration, former board members, and recent events
    concerning BA Schools.  Rumor is that he may be running for Terry Stover's recently vacated seat.

                           This website currently comes up second in a Google search on "Broken Arrow Chris Tharp".  That may not be very helpful in his campaign.
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