Jolie2, (1/16/2010 1:56:40 PM)
Hey, does anyone know what happened to the group of Broken Arrow Parents who were vehemently and adamantly against the Board of Education majority after Sisney's allegations of
corruption were made in 2008 and who then changed their group's name at a later date and said they were 'For Truth' ?

It seems as soon as the truth from court documents started becoming public knowledge and it didn't agree with their version of the truth, their website all but stopped posting new articles
and they disappeared from the public arena. Well, except for some person(s) running around town and throwing out flyers, printed up by individuals trying to put factual information into the
public arena and, yes, also reporting new article reader comments for violations, if he/she/they could find any technical reason for doing so, and sometimes, even when there was no valid
reason for reporting them.

Where is the outrage that these citizens expressed against the board majority in 2008 and 2009, about possible corruption, that should be aimed against the person who manufactured the
allegations against them?

I see no signs of comment from them any more.

I wonder why they're not visibly concerned and upset and vocal about the wrongdoing of the previous superintendent and the board minority of two members who protected him and
assisted him in deceiving the public.

I wonder why some of them are so anxious to keep people from discussing the now revealed facts exposing the truth behind the controversy.

Where are the Parents For Truth?
Jolie brings up a good point in her post, reprinted below.  The BAParentsVsBABOE website has not posted links to any newpaper articles since December 15, 2009, and has never
posted any of the court documents from either of Sisney's lawsuits.  Could this be because the recent articles and court documents show damaging evidence that Sisney's claims do not
have any supporting evidence, contrary to his assertions over the past year and a half?

They were all too eager to post articles in the beginning when the articles made it look like their beleaguered underdog hero was fighting a moral battle against power-addicted corrupt
battle-axe harpy shrew board members.  What happened to their quest for the truth?  Is their patron board member no longer providing them with orders to harass the board, spread lies,
and cost the district more money and time with pointless Open Records requests?

It's not like it would have been hard to post the court documents.  Not only were they readily available (without even an Open Records Request), but I emailed the webmaster with a link to
my site and so they could download the documents I had already gotten from the courthouse.

A link to their website has been on Broken Arrow Forum for months.  They have declined to link to Broken Arrow Forum.

Parents for Truth?  It does not appear so.  Their original name was more accurate:  
BA Parents Vs. BA BOE.

Update:  02/28/2010

After Jolie posted her comment in mid-January, the BAParentsVsBABOE website added links to some current news articles.  However, nothing new has been linked to since February 4,
2010.  There have been several news stories since then, including:
  •       Sisney's new 3-year contract with Sperry
  •       The defendants' Reponse to Ritze's Motion to Quash
  •       Sisney's Motion to Dismiss the Counterclaim

The website used to have commentary on new developments.  The commentary stopped in July 2009.  The links aren't kept up to date, unless, apparently, pointed out by a blogger
questioning the Sisney story.

What happened to the Timberbrook group, which included several neighbors in Timberbrook plus others?  (Chris drop the dumb act.  You know who you are and so do I.)  If they are For
Truth, why have they gotten so quiet now that the truth appears to be exonerating the 3 board members?  If you are For Truth, doesn't that mean that you should admit when you jumped to
the wrong conclusion, and took actions that were hurtful to innocent people and harmful to our community?  Doesn't that mean you would want to acknowledge the facts when they come
out, and be diligent in spreading the word and promoting justice?

Or are they still BA Parents vs BA BOE, no matter what?
Whose side is Stephanie Updike on?  Not Broken Arrow Schools'
We have wondered before how involved Stephanie Updike was with the Timberbrook group who harassed the board with pointless Open Records requests, posted false rumors and
nasty comments about board members and Dr. Gerber, tried to intimidate other posters who tried to point out discrepancies (and impossibilities) in Sisney's claims, supported Lare in
his efforts to remove board members based on groundless charges, and disrupted board meetings with their childish sneering and eye-rolling.  Beth Snellgrove was an active
member in this group.

Just two weeks ago, Ms. Updike forwarded to Beth Snellgrove Maryanne Flippo's April 2, 2009 letter regarding releasing legal billing details.  Her message, "I don't know if you ever
saw this...I don't remember it.  Just thought you might be interested"  gives the impression that her providing information about board business to non-board members was not an
isolated occurrence.

This email communication was from a board member to the District's counsel, copied only to another board member and the superintendent, and addressed a very sensitive issue
about releasing legal fee information.  Should it really be subject to being forwarded to non-board members?  Not according to the board's code of ethics.

And how did Sisney get it?  He included in his filing the email chain WITH the forward from Updike to Snellgrove, so he did not get it as part of discovery.  He got it within the past two
weeks from Snellgrove.  Including this telling email in his filing makes me wonder whose side
he is on.